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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Snow storm in April

Hello everybody.

As the title clearly states, we have woken up today, to see the snow falling down. Yes, a thick, heavy, wet snow is dropping from the sky and putting everything at.. a risk? a standstill? a silent pause?!

With that in mind, I have found
a suitable poem to mark this day.

What happens when we get a snow storm in April?! 
Actually, this is not something we haven't seen before. Rare as it may be, but there has been snow in April, years ago - when I was a kid. It scares us, of course it does - there's just too much to be lost, and this may be the end for some of our plants. 
What to do?
Nothing, really.
Fighting nature is not our way of life. We adjust our lives to nature's ways. If there's a snow, we wait for it to pass, and move on. (what is "moving on"?). Primarily, that will be estimating the damage in our gardens, in our flower beds and at our yards.



Now we wait.



  1. That's late in the year for snow - we occasionally get a few flakes in early March. It has been slightly colder than it should be here, but nothing like you're having.

    Will it affect your garden much? I haven't planted my seedlings out yet, I'm still bringing them on inside the house.