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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Midweek magazines: The Fate of your Fan Letters

Hello, hello.. Hello everybody!

I am in a good mood - because there is no wind and no rain here. It takes just that much to make everything different. Not having a blistering wind whipping our faces, and our feet wet by stepping into countless puddles, is a great improvement. I don't mint the chilly mornings and frost on every string of grass - actually, it looks like magic.
Today's article touches the subject of what happens to all those love-infused mail that people pour their hope and devotion into - and post them to "Hollywood".
Me? Well, writing to Hollywood was too expensive for me, when I was younger - and I haven't posted any of my letters (come on, of course I wrote those types of letters, I simply knew my mail was never to leave my home, so that's the difference) Then, as I grew up I have realized that movie characters (as great as their influence on my life may be) are not existent in the Real Life, so I opted to writing - and actually sending - letters to my real-life inspirations.
Why do we write?
I can only speak for myself. I have done it because it made me feel good. Regardless of maybe not sending any of the letters - what mattered was the feeling of joy as I wrote.

Now, onto the article:

..and, just because
I really want to make you all smile
as wide as you can:


Don't fight the feeling of warmth in your heart
yes, that's that "Gable" moment you're experiencing.
Feels rather good, right?

As this article said it "Therefore, to reach the star, your letter must be worthy of attention" - actually, let me add that: to reach ANYONE, your words must be carefully put together, you must give a piece of yourself out there and boost it all up with a bit of style.
Oh, I do love writing letters.
How about you?
And, now I must write a letter to Mr. Gable. :)

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Love Story: Evidence of Love

Hello everybody

Cold, windy and wet days of late autumn are settling in over here, Now is the time to find the best way to use-up the little breaks of fine weather, and sit the rest of it off. Soon, the snow will fall (some say: tomorrow, but that will be just a few shy snowflakes, to remind us coming of that season).
I don't mind the change, our lives have accepted that rhythm. We have set ourselves ready for the long period of chilly days - we have counted: we burn wood in the furnaces for about seven months in a year. THAT long, yes. So, proper preparation is the key. I heard people say that we seem to spend entire lives in two sets of days: we prepare our houses, pantries and ourselves for the Winter & then there are the days of Winter. :)
I'll use up the period of no-rain-just-now to go over to the market.

As for you:
I recommend the reading of "Evidence of love" :)

The throwing of shoes shold only be used
to reach glorious power of love!

Do you have any thoughts on the seasonal changes?!
Have a wonderful Sunday.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Midweek magazines: What the well-dressed folks are wearing back in 1933

Hеllo everybody.

If you are as interested in vintage fashion and it's history as I am; original magazine articles from the era would excite you as much as they bring joy to my day.
In their review of Broadway costume design for the Fall of 1933, STAGE MAGAZINES asked the pressing question: "What is the well-dressed play wearing these days?" There was much talk of Chanel, Schiaparelli and the House of (Elizabeth) Hawes as he heaped the praises high for the the rag-pickers who clothed the actresses for such productions as "Men in White", "Undesirable Lady", "Her Master's Voice" and "Heat Lightning".

"The fashions in the plays are vivid, authentic, and wearable. They have sprung from the gifted brains and fingers of the cream of the crop of designers, Schiaparelli and Chanel in Paris, and our own industrious Americans who, themselves, are becoming hardy annuals. The silhouette is lengthening into slim height but even in sports clothes corners are rounded and curves are accentuated..."
Have I ever asked you about your vision of fashion?
Are you fashion-aware, fashion-friendly or fashion-obsessed?


Sunday, 20 November 2016

Love Story: Stubborn hearts

Hello everybody

Not many words and wisdom today - I am having a low moments of my health, I suppose that flu-carrying cloud has finally gotten here, and found me. Oh, well. It'll pass.

There are a lot of things to make us feel better:
vitamins, pain-killers, warm soup.. but
reading a love story, surely can't hurt. :)

Yes, reading makes it better, because there is a connection: our mind hold incredible power over the health of our immune system. We can chose to help ourselves heal by staying in the "happy" zone, what ever means possible. :)
Stay well.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Every kid knew this: breakfast is the most important meal of our day.

Hello everybody.

In the middle of the last century, popular nutrition authors advised people to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. Over here, ever since we were kids, we were told to eat our breakfasts ourselves, to share our lunch with our friend, and to give our dinner to someone else (some even said "your enemy")  :)
The recent studies are now telling us such a wide range op opposite opinions, most of people no longer know what is the good choice. Should we "eat like kings"? Is it better to have a light cereal-and-milk (substitutes are much more popular nowadays)? Is breakfast over-rated and should it be skipped all together, to save precious minutes in the morning?! Is drinking lemon-water first thing in the morning a better choice than bacon-and-ham?

 (pretty much my choices for the start of the day)
I was raised this way, and I feel no disadvantages of 
having my first - strong meal, quite early in the day.

As its name implies, the purpose of breakfast is to break the fast between dinner and lunch. As it is, back in middle ages, eating breakfast meant that one was poor, was a low-status farmer or laborer who truly needed the energy to sustain his morning’s labor, or was too weak to make it to the large, midday dinner - it was only allowed to children, the elderly, the sick, and to working men. Anyone else did not speak of having food in the morning.
On these grounds, breakfast was a fuel-meal. You'd have it and then you can go: to the fields, to your work, to school - for some people that was the only "strong" meal in the day. Mothers woke the kids up early, so they could be sure that, quote: "you will have this, and I can be sure you had something" and they could then go. That's how we were raised.
Many years forward, our folks were introduced with breakfast cereal, it was advertised as easy, convenient food for busy people. Faster times needed faster meals, I suppose. Maybe folks can work hard and be productive on this type of morning fuel, but I have not accepted it.

Actually, I follow these guidelines:

Happy and healthy worker here.

There's a explanation of the old-school diet, written in new words; they say you should eat like you're building a pyramid. What?!
When you wake up in the morning, 6-8 hours without food or water is when you would most benefit from a hearty meal, and not when you're getting close to bed time. When planning your meals for the day, visualize them like a pyramid (note here: not the food pyramid!), although knowing more about that certainly helps. Apparently, we should consider our day like building a pyramid of food. Breakfast is the base—large and filling. 

And there we have it.

The circle has been rounded, we went back to "large and filling" - but, I can't promise we're not going to hear about not eating a lot in the morning.. as this circle keeps spinning. What you chose to eat (or not eat - maybe you're one of the "only coffee in the morning" kind of person) is entirely up to you. After all - that's why it's called "gut sense"  :)
Happy Friday

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Midweek magazines: Interest to women, from 1929

Hello everybody

It's like making lasagna: a layer of wind, a layer of rain - not my favorite dish. :)
Joke aside, we are clearly deep into autumn, and I doubt there's any more folks who post lovely pictures of golden leaves and sun's rays passing through the clouds - simply because those days are gone. There are no more leaves (part of me is saying "hooray" for not having to clear any of them from my back yard), and the sun's light grows weaker.
Still, there are many things to look forward to. For instance, as the weather changes, so do our habits. over here, our minds are pre-programmed to follow the weather pattern. When winter comes, our bodies no longer need that much time spent outside, and our minds work harder on getting inspirational things done. We do crafts (something we simply have no time for in the summer).

For today's post
I have prepared a little November's "for women" page
from back in 1929.

Canning and reserving is done, leaves are gone.. what else is there? Oh: my roses have arrived and are now in the ground, I have planted them under the artificial light, since the daylight run out on me (seems to happen a lot lately).
What have you been up to?

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Love Story:My love went wrong

Hello everybody

The Sunday morning, over here, is clear and cold. I've just heard there's snow in the higher grounds, and it does feel crisp outside. The weather has turned. We have entered the season of short daylight, chilling winds and warm beverages and heavy-duty clothes. 
We've had rain all day yesterday (that type of rain where most of it jut hangs in the air, and gets soaked into your lungs) - so, today looks much better. Sunshine, no matter how weak it' strength may be, gives me joy. 

Today, I have for you a tale about second chances
This little story provides us with hope
and gives us a glimpse of one man's struggle 
to find his place and his trust in people after making a mistake.

Not much has been planned for today, on my side. I'm trying to cope with "not much needs to be done"time of the year - being keen on hard work, this change is always taking few days to transition into. I suppose it's now time to walk-out the free time.
Of course, there's still leaves to pick up in the yard. :)
Have a nice Sunday!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Midweek magazines: What's the name of the game.. I mean: name your food

Hello everybody

Let's turn back time for just a bit.. 1997?! Ehhh, no. OK, then we need to turn it a BIT MORE, folks. Work those fingers until the scale reaches September 1932. Stop right there.
Today, we shall read about history of food (why haven't my Primary School feature some history classes with this theme?! I'm sure I'd pay much more interest in this subject)

However, these words have meaning only to my friends living in United States of America (hello, friends! voting over, yet?) :) To the rest of us, some of these names do not have a mental image attached to it - but we DO make them (just call them differently!).
For instance, Johnnycake- is a cornmeal flatbread. It resembles mostly to "crepes" (also called "French pancakes"), but the main starch comes from corn (also called "maize"). Oh, yes: this sentence was made to make us all realize that food comes in many shapes, sizes.. and names. I can honestly say I haven't eaten a Johnny-bread .. until I read it's JUST a corn-pancake :)
Any fun food-name related anecdotes?

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Love Story: The Hermit's Daughter

Hello everybody

Today, I'd like you to jump onto our little band-wagon that will drive u back in time - to take a look at how love grow at the Wild West. :)

Here it is:

I say we can all do good with a dose of bliss and romance, to prepare us for the day ahead of us. And, if you're experiencing rain-about-to-happen kind of morning, you know he feeling.
Have a great Sunday.

Friday, 4 November 2016

There's a lot of posts here..but where am I on this blog?!

Hello everybody

I am here!
Honestly, the images of me got a bit thinned-out lately, and this might have some of you thinking that I am shying away from this place. No, no.. I am here. And we will have a small talk about a theme that's going on lately around the World Wide Web: Dressing modestly.
Say what?!
You might not remember this, you might have not lived in this kind of a situation - but there was a time in our lives when "dressing well" meant that everything started by replying to three simple, yet obligatory, questions: 
1. Do your clothes match where you're going?
2. Are they clean? 
3. Torn?
If all of the above was sorted out, you were good to go. Surely, it wasn't that simple?! Yeah, but then - I was about five years old. And no so well-off. That is not the matter here.
Come to think of it, not much needs to change as we grow up. Being clean, tidy and suitable for the time and place that you are getting to - those are the principle upon one should build their wardrobe. It makes no sense for someone like me to have 15 ball-gowns when I never attend such an event. Yet again, it would be quite smart to own more than one heavy-duty overalls and sturdy worker's boots since I have a household to run. 
I am a female and I’m blessed to be one. Meaning, all parts of my life and existence: from the office attire (seen below these words), up to wearing apron while I bake AND wearing mud boots, wind-proof west for my outdoor work. Of course, I prefer skirts and dresses. :)

Here's the last few outfits,
with a small help from the Creeters Crowd:

To tell you the truth: I'm not always comfortable 
about wearing body-hugging, cleavage-exposing outfits, 
but that doesn't make me anyone's grandma!
(besides, grandmas are wearing jeans over here - a lot!)

It’s no secret that women today are bombarded with mixed messages 
about what it means to be a woman in a woman’s body.
I prefer owning my own body. In the shape that it is NOW.

I remember, as I grew up.. trying desperately to cover up the shape of my breasts, 
which despite all my turtlenecks and layers and crossed arms.
Then I grew up and accepted curves.
But I don't have to show them off at all times.

What is considered modest or appropriate changes depending on culture and context.
Some would say this skirt is making me look humble, 
but others would scream "look at those bare knees!"
Those are my knees, sometimes they peek out, yes. :)

In essence: this is something that makes me comfortable.
But our bodies are not something we should "overcome",
 they are not  shameful or or "wrong"
it is us who are making ourselves feel this way (thanks to advertisement)

So, this is me. 
The way I dress might imply a lot of assumptions. The truth is - at most times we have no idea why does someone dress like an overgrown five-year old, or why does a someone prefer never to pick a color other than black, or why does a woman at my neighborhood show-off her bare chest despite of her being in her sixties and flat as my ironing board?! Well, they might LIKE it that way - just like all of us out there, who prefer wearing vintage.
I know a LOT of people lift their brows when even thinking about used clothes. I don't mind. As a matter of fact, every dress and skirt on these images came from the used-clothes shops. All of them, and I'm more than happy to give them "another go", after someone has discarded them.
I don't think walking around with cleavage out and my behind squeezed into leggings is going to make ME (& I must underline that: me) feel good about myself, but wearing clothing that is body conscious and flattering makes me feel better.  I can dress (call it "modestly") classy and look pretty and I don't have to wear a sack to but, on the other hand I don't have to fit into a leotard to be pretty. :)
This is my middle.
This is what I look like.
This makes me happy.
How about you?

Yes.. it the answer to all of you who have noticed a change in my body-form.