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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Burda Wednesday: September 1957, part I

Hello everyone.

It's raining outside, and it's midweek. This seem to be one of those days that have the ability to put you down. Fortunately, one can not be anuthing less then joyful when surrounded by whole lot of fashion. Prevention-wise.. let me take you back to 1957, where we'll see what's trendy and where we'll awoid the bed-weather-mood.

Shall we?

She greats us with a joyful smile

This rings a feel of early 1960s,
but it's not yet that time.

I'm not quite sure what to think about this dress
shape is odd - it's the bustle that could cause trouble nowadays
...but her makeup and the hat - amazing

Now - here's the item that features my favorites:
red and green in a single dress!
Grand bakelite buttons and green leather gloves.
"the current model"

"Just like a pianist harmoniously derives from one key to another, we drive the fashion creators almost imperceptibly into the wonderland of winter fashion. As if by magic, the new autumn-winter models ... even more balanced in the line, are shocking in form, not in color."
(hopefully, well trainslated)  :)

What wonders you can do with buttons.

(-germans call them "costume" - so did our moms.. 
not to be confused by something you wear to a fun-party)

The model just above this text - adorable!
full circle skirt, greatly fitted jacket, 
well designed collar and a lovely purse.

I could say a lot on this lovely suit
but I got swooned by the idea:
I could have my hair like hers
(if it gets so lucky - and it grows more)

Not suitable for my body shape,
but I can still appreciate it.

Take a close look at this.
It is an exclusive, alborate, well shaped..
it's what we call a Power Suit.

Wooldresses for your idea-board. :)

"Cool days in sight"
In these dresses - that is surely true

There are still dresses with waists on them,
I like it.

Glossy-hair. :)

"Sleep twice as good
when well wrapped"

Never leave home without
your deodorant.

Even in the rain - ladies look great.

"Bright colors contrast

(see - I told you there's something about fashion that fights the bad mood)

Sissy has got "new... autumn wardrobe"!

With her glamorous look - we end this Wednesday's post

I hope that you're gaving some great weather.. and if you don't - I hope this hleped at lest a bit with powering-up and refresing you.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Lady gardened is now completely normal.. how about before?

Hello everybody.

100 years ago, this was written:
"Gardening, taken up as a hobby when all the laborious work can be done by a man is delightful, but as a life’s work [for a woman], it is almost an impossible thing."
Sir Joseph Hooker, head of the Royal Botanic Gardens

Here's one of the pioneers
to whom I'm cheering!

Ladies in big hats certainly directed gardens, but few got down and dirty, a class divided them from toiling peasant women.
Nowadays, 20% of Head Gardeners and over 30% of their assistants are female. During the time inbtween, war hapened (twice!) and it certanly made the difference to what was considered "women's work" and many a mould-breaking Victorian and Edwardian women helped crack the glass ceiling  for us to be able to spend time doing something we love.

I have just found this amusing book, with an amazing name: "Gardening for women". 
Published back in 1908. by Frances Wolseley, the Principal of the Glyinde school for Lady Gardeners in Sussex - it is surely treasured by many.

In the future weeks, 
we will see some great reads from the book.

For now, an Introduction
(often jumped over, and passsed as "not needed")
But, this Introduction is an essay
of artistic value... so, I'm begining here:

After all, women were the first gardeners and harvesters, responsible for the menial task of putting food on the table, while the males of the species hunted.

I hope you've liked it.
And I hope you'll stick around for more.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Love Story: The Love I could not accept

Hello everybody

Spot the happy gardener:


That's me, yesterday.
And those are my buddleias in full bloom

Now, that we have that part (me - bragging about something done completely by Nature herself), we can get on with our Sunday's treat: the love story:

Unless it starts pouring down, I'll spend my day the same way I did yesterday (all those who saw my Instagram photo ) know I'm clearing out grass - have been at it for days. :)
Have an amazing Sunday.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Easy to recreate - ways to incorporate vintage-look to your style

Hello everybody.

Fundamentally when looking at vintage styles, the most important thing is to have fun with it. There are no rules which can’t be broken and sartorial experimentation is to be encouraged. It’s nice to mix up genuine vintage accessories with off the rack clothes, and can often be a more affordable way of finding your own vintage style. Charity shops, thrift markets and even places like eBay can be great for hats, bags and other vintage items, but it’s always nice to know that a dress shape you love is in the size you need thanks to vintage reproduction and heritage chic.

There is no shame in not knowing what to do and how to do it... even when styling. That is why those clever folks at fashion magazines are making thousands of pages that are ment to inspire us. Even back in the day, they worked on creating the "tips and tricks" and "how to" articles on re-creating the look we so dearly desire.

On the few pages that follow, you'll be able to see just that, 
a way to dress in "mid-season":

The secret to making a success of any fashion style is to make sure you are comfortable with how you look, especially when venturing to new territory. Don’t be afraid to try new styles like the vintage look, but be sure that you still feel good. 

Me. Being conservative as I am,
I chose subtle stying, suitable for the offce
but still like to give it a bit of color
(and never leave the house without red lipstick)

Any lack in confidence about your appearance will convey itself in your demeanour and is sure to result in failure.

Have a greaf fashion-friendly Friday!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Burda Wednesday: August 1957, part III

Hello everyone.

It's a bright and sunny spring's day - and I am delighted to see it is finally here to stay: the blooms are all out in our faces, the leaves are starting to appear, it's high time for fellas mowing the grasses in fron of their houses (it's their job, and as I walk by - they seem to enjoy doing it; flauting their mowers in fron to the neighbors) :)

Since it is Wednesday, and it IS sort of a ritual, I hereby give you another set of images from our darling Burda magazine. Let's head back in time, to August 1957.

(not much fashion here, but a lot of sociology and history of homemaker's lives).

One thing I'm sure of: both of the calistenic exercises are
helpful for one's back (tried and tested)

World's most famous brand. It is, truly IS. You know: there is NOT a single car without a part manufactured by Bosch. Even it's name "boshc pump" is universal, since no one else have ever been producing it. :)

SPALT - "Freed from pain" :)

Easiest one of them all,
perfect for beginners: cross-stich
..because I believe anyone can make a tiny cross - and keep going.

I think it's a washing machine,
but I'm not sure.

Almost hidden by all the ads,
but noticed by my eye: 
lovely dress - perfect for late spring and early summer.

Let LEDER be aour choice for sproty-elegant style.
Say, do we even have that style nowadays?

Deserves it's title: exclusive model.

Great thing about summer
is that you've got largest variety of
fresh procduce to make sweets from.

I shall not give more comment, since I'm allergic.

If you're wondering about fashionable colors,
they are, as follows:
apricot, sand and florida-blue.

Best for your salad:
pure lemon juice.

"Nothing but barbecue in your head"

A little bit of "now and then"
the simsuit edition.

Sewing course:
how to make perfect pocket.

Funny thing:
"Not only for small noses"

I don't know about you, but back in time when I was a kid, I remember my mom yelling after me (practically EVERY time I'd leave the house). She'd yell out "Have you taken your hankie?!" Yes, mom - I have. :) She dreaded the imago of my runny nose being seen, and she was mindful of my own reputation in society from the earliest age. So: thanks to her - no one has ever seen me with a runy nose. :)

I'm yet to find a yellow clothing item.
Simply: it's a color that's hard to preserve in time
(eather it fades, or gets nasty staines...)

Well.. I wish you have lots of sunshine.. and some leisure time!