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Monday, 30 March 2015

Hollywood is like Mars - a place where Ordinary People don't live

Hello everyone.

Today, I'm posting a rather up-to-date article on how we (the women) see them (the stars), and what was - and might as well still be, the general opinion on what a Hollywood lady's life is.
You will see here how little has our view changed from 1936, when this article was published. We still feel and claim that "...the Hollywood woman is relieved from many of the responsibilities of ordinary citizenship and tha, in fact, such things don't exist in Hollywood"

Please, take some time and
read this:

(After much considetaration I didin't cut this page out;
one can never have enought fashion)  :)

"They are out of scale. They are out of touch, these Hollywood women."

Tell me: what do you think?
Is there still truth to these words?

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Love Story: Abandoned Love

Hello everyone.

"Oh, happy day!" are the words in a song. The same words are on my lips today, because I am feeling good. It's that spring's surge of greatness and "all can be achieved" boost. I'm loving it; and I let myself get tangled in it completely.

I'm back from the Market (I solemnly promise, I'll snap pictures of the whole event and post them here - so you all can see everything we here can get on a "Farmer's Market") - and then you will honestly believe one CAN get a chocolate Easter bunny, pair of good socks, plastic bottle cap, gardening gloves.. all in one place. :)
For now - it's just my promise.

"Cut the chit-chat, dear - they are here for a story!"
....and a story they shall have:

The image that NEVER gets old: girl sitting next to her telephone wondering about Certain Someone not calling her - sure, we've got cell phones (or what ever is that we nowadays call those "devices" we use) - but, yet: we still sit around, stare at it and wonder "Why is he not calling me?!"


In the spirit of "Braving it out", 
I'll show you a ghost from the past:

Yup, that's the same gal - only lots of years, weight, hairstyles (that IS a perm, yes), styling and life's lessons apart. Yet, still: the same gal. Yours truly.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ideas for Easter, puzzle-of-the-day and a great quote -- all in one single post.

Hello everyone.

This post is the most "mummble-jummble" one ever. 
First of all, I am aware that we're speeding up toward our Easter(s), and I have found an amazing little ideas on decorating your table on a tight budget.


Then, as I was reading the reast of the buch of scrapy material I have - I found that I have never ever given you something purely for your leisure-time.
Remember that? Leisure time?! Haven't got much of it in a while...

Back when I was a kid, my favorite pass-time was something as simple as this:

We would always have some sort of newspaper lying around the house (grandpa loved to have his morning coffee and his morning paper) - and I loved doing puzzles. Later on, the school kids got the chance to subscribe to a magazine for kids - and I did so. Those magazines also had such games on paper - and that was a great fun; since we only had one TV set at home, and not much programs on it, anyway. Playing around with mind-games was much more fun (and, as it turned out - kids who play like that, do tend to be better at school, as well) :)


Lastly, the magnificent quote from "A guide to gracious living"
by Amy Vanderbilt:

It is never a disgrace to say, "I can't afford it."
And when you do have to make such a statement when you have been urged to spend beyond your means, it is certainly not necessary to explain why. Perhaps, in spite of a really generous income, you have obligations about which others don't or can't know the support of an aged, distant relative, private charities, extensive savings programs or investments. It is never shameful to have to say, "I can't afford it." It is shameful to commit yourself to expenditure you know you can't really afford and shouldn't make just because someone else urges you to go against your own better judgment.

I have real respect for the person who can say without any self -conscious- ness at all, simply and cheerfully, "I can't afford it." But I hate to hear a long-drawn-out explanation of why. As a matter of fact, we should never demand to know why a person can't spend money on something he says he can't afford unless there is a sound reason for his finding some way to afford it. Then you may, if you feel you should, try to show him that way, quietly and without irritating him.

Have a great day, my dear friends!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Burda Wednesday: July 1957, part I

Hello everyone.

I hope that you all are doing well, and that your days are filled with laughter. As I gaze out the window, I can see the lovely sunshione outside (sure, there's wind - but that does not spoil the great feeling I'm having these past few days).

Are you ready for some Burda fashion?
Let us go - to July 1957.

Great form.
(there has been a small discussion on the toppic
of shape-wear lately - and this dress
proves the need for it)

This page is done with a bit of artistic sense:
a gal is peeping from the doorway - and 
she's behind the advertisement.

Statement piece for July.
Gorgeous roses make it look so fresh.

An interesting cut in both dress
and the blazer.
Blue gloves "break" the whiteness so well.

Two "lovely afternoon dresses"

More of the afternoon wear.
I envy them, you know?!
My afternooons are rarely filled with so much style.

Late 1095s seem to grow on me.
These models are amazing, well fitting
and grately shaped.

Looking at these images - you KNOW
it's summertime.
I like the "empire"line, dress on your left
Prints. Prints. Prints.
I will have them all, please. :)

"Morning shopping"
such a lovely name for a page, don't you think?

Good, suitable and simple
perfect for daytime.

"Working in the house"
See? Ladies CAN wear dresses and skirts
when doing daily chores - no need for track-suits. :)

Wto models done with the same material
chose your pleats or your sdtraight cuts..
I can tell you I love this page, 
it features two of my favorites:
stripes and baskets. :)

"Blouses - I can never have enought" :)


It has been TWO years of me wearing red lipstick 
every day:

I wrote about it back in time:

Have a gread Wednesday!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Unwrapping Hollywood; an article and a bit of fashion of my own.. oh, and: it's SPRING!

Hello everyone!

How are you doing this glorious Monday morning?
I hope you are well, and I hope you are in the spring mood: flowers, frills, lighter coats... oh, finally we are free from grey and dull winter morning, foggy days and un-inspiring folks wearing black coats.

Are you wondering what is "new" in 1934 Hollywood?


In case you're interested in what the advertisment companies
are suggesting, here's an idea:

This shape-wear is well put together, and I admit, I wouldn't mind
wearing this.. darn: I should wear this - to battle the bulge
(no matter how much weight you gain or lose, 
you can never have perfect lines)

...and, one for the end:
I have reconstructed a truly vintage dress
It's a 1960s model, hand sewn, well taken care of;
bought it in a used-clothes shop for amazing price of 200,00 RSD (1.5 euros)
The brooch is also vintage, my mom's.

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”
― Pablo Neruda

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Love Story: New face.. plus one more: The Parting Gift

Hello everyone!

Spring has sprung! :)

(News: if you look on the right side of this blog, you may notice I'm on Pinterest and Instagram)

Everything is bursting with smells of tiny flowers (but aren't the tiny one's the loveliest?) My walks haven't been this infused with joy for a long time; everywhere I look there a little celebration: a wild violets scattered here, the neat row of daffodils there.. and yesterday I was ever so lucky to actually be able to put my hand on, and pat the little head, of a mole. Such an interesting little creature. All furry and gray with only pink nose to say "hello" with.

Now, you can see I'm the mood.. so today I give you TWO for the price of one! :)


..and another one:

Have an amazing Sunday, dear friends!

Friday, 20 March 2015

House is a home: Two-Stage Expandable Vacationer

Hello everyone.

Back in the day, recreational travel was the norm. After war's end in 1945, pent-up demand for travel was unleashed during an unexpected economic boom that erased fears the Depression of the 1930s might return.
Summer vacation meant loading up the family station wagon and hitting the nation’s highways to see the all the sights.

Way back in the day, when I stil wore diapers, every family that managed to save up even a bit, would pack their bags, blankets, stoves... and head to one of the country's resort. Now, let me remind you that, back in those days, my country was much larger, and we HAD large amount of choices in the seaside vacation sites. However, that was before I could remember - but I do have lots and lots of images from the bare-bottomed-me era. :)
The holidays, as I remember them, took us on a four hour ride, to the lake side. We would usualy stay in one of those amazing creations: the trailer-houses. They were neatly lined in the huge forest-like area (that was the first time I ever held an acorn in my hand), and just a short walk away from the lake. Nothing glamourous.

If we were to talk "going the distance" for a holiday - this is the place to do it. I'm showing you yet another one of architectural wonders, designed solely for your leisure.

This elaborate design, and the modern cut make me imagine that this family had got to be quite "hip" and interested in modern things. Surely, you can see Mom using a modern camera. 

Look at this marvel of modern technology!

They just might even had a projector - for seeing what they've filmed or for a "movie night"; calling the neighbors for an evening of fun. 

Setting yourself up for somethin like this would reqire much more planning, since (I presume), folks didn't come to these "leisure homes" for an "extended weekend" - no, no; they would literaly MOVE here for the course of entire summer.

Sorry about this pop-up of me. :)
It's my "wearing a brooch every day" season.
This time it's a serpent with emerald-colored eyes, from Avon

What's the most special or unusual family vacation you remember from your childhood?