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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Love story: Little white lies

Hello there!

This is the last Sunday in March; I'm hoping by today, we are all having spring-like weather. With our cheeks warmed by the spring sun, let us enjoy a love story.

I'm absolutely mesmerized by the simplicity in clothing. White blouse with the blue ribbon on the first slide is adorable. And I would not mind having the blue dress with peter-pan collar.
Anything you saw and liked?

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Victory Garden series: it blooms!


Saturday evening. No better time than now, for me to show you my precious blooms. I am not talking of the flowers this time. I'm thinking of something else. A fruit variety.

 An apple bud. This little, fragile thing, will turn into 
a succulent apple.

 Plum(ing) flowers.

 Their beauty matches any flower's.

 The scent.. I would like to have a way of sending it to you.
It's a sweet and tender perfume of Nature.

Elegantly positioned to attract the bees.. and me.

 I'm not much of a photographer, but this blooms are so photogenic

Look at it!
Is there anything that can be so magical and fragile at the same time?

Yes, madam!

Last time we have learned how to plant outdoors. We are now proceeding to the most important part in garden maintenance: water. 
After that, we'll be starting a new chapter: an introduction to all the plants that we can grow.

As of this moment on I'll take it that you have got your plots ready, you made your hot-beds, you have learned your lines of planting. It was all set here to prepare us, starting now we will be learning all about the cultivation of vegetables. 

Would you mind if we stop here?
No worries, I promise we'll get to watermelons in no time.
Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends, and Happy gardening!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hello there.

I must tell you this: I'm sorry, but the following issue of our darling Burda magazine is severely damaged, so there will be only couple of images for you this week.

I'll try to make it up to you in the second part of this post, OK?

For now - let's see what May 1954 has for us:

Bright yellow, it's a welcome-spring color to me.
It reflects sunshine, it attracts the light..

Yet another way to look fabulous, 
with Marianne and Stupsi

White dress with flowers - my favorite 
for this (cropped) issue.

Bright dresses for light-infused day outside.
Can you see yourselves wearing these and having
tea in the garden (maybe mine?)

"Always neat and posh"

Summer fashion for your young ones.

Sadly, this is it for this weeks Burda, but I can't leave you with just this. So, I have looked out for something to match this 1950's feeling.

...and I have found an article for you.
(Like all the articles I bring here for you,  this one is also quite large, for your enjoyment and the ease of reading)
This article is from April 1952. and it's about the peaking theme of the mid XX century; the property in the suburbs.

I hope this article gave you a bit more history, my dear friends.
And, don't you worry: next issue of our Burda will be in all it's might, with all the pages for you to enjoy yourselves.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Anyone set their mind of exercising (more) this year?

Hey there.

Spring is here (evidently). For all of you out there, like myself, who sworn to be fit for the summer, it is just about time to start working on that.

I hold on to all things vintage. So, when it comes to keeping fit for the summer, I prefer the old-fashioned exercises. Bending and hopping, with no special equipment is not only money saving, but also beneficial in so many levels: putting your body to use by vigorous exercise really does great things to your health, your mind and your emotions.

Feel free to click on the images to open them in another window, so that you can read them with no problems.

I hope this set of images is helping you get inspired and, as they like to say - "hit the floor". Exercising is known for it's many benefits; one of them is the fact that it helps reduce stress. To me, that alone is enough; and I feel such a relieve after a short session of brisk movements - just like those given on these images. 
There's nothing wrong in doing your exercises the old way. The only wrong thing is to do your exercises is: "no way".